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How does tattoo removal laser technology work?

The treatment uses a specific wavelength of light which passes through the skin, gets absorbed by the tattoo ink and breaks up the tattoo. The tattoo ink is then removed by the body?s natural filtering systems. Laser therapy treatment can effectively fade and remove professional and amateur tattoos containing black, dark and light blue, green and red pigments without leaving any scarring.

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Why do I need laser tattoo removal?

If you are regretting your decision to get a tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the most effective and least painful way of removing it.

What is involved?

Treatments are usually performed 6-8 weeks apart allowing for the skin to heal between treatments. The size, colour and the depth of the ink will determine how many sessions are required, but as each session is completed you will see your tattoo fade!

What are the results?

Results can depend on the inks used in the tattoo, but usually at least 95% of the tattoo's colour will fade after approximately six laser treatments.

Is it painful?

Like most laser treatments, there can be a little pain or stinging, often described as like being flicked with an elastic band. Anaesthetic creams are available to numb the skin if your skin is sensitive.